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The changes to both this and the new site will take a little while and there will inevitably be some overlap in the meantime and indeed later as both sites cover the same town. Great Harwood Archive will be the place for researchers and Great will revert to my personal view of the town but still with some history thrown in


ARROD; SNUFFY; is like many small towns or large villages. Quite unremarkable.

It is not on a major road, you don't even need to go through it on the way to somewhere else.

It has few buildings of significance to anyone outside and perhaps only one of renown.

It has had many distinguished sons and daughters though not many famous.

It is not in many tourist guides.

It has had little to boast of in sporting success for many years.1

It's just a small town in East Lancashire, England with a long history.

Aerial photo of centre of Great Harwood

Within sight of Pendle Hill and easy reach of the Ribble Valley Great Harwood has always been just off the main road. Lying over the hill to the south of the Ribble Valley and a mile to the north of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal the early east-west trade routes passed it by. A railway branch line did eventually reach the town but that has long since vanished. Even the major roads connecting Blackburn, Accrington and Burnley to the south with the Ribble Valley somehow conspired to pass the town. Today the building of the M65 means it has never been easier to visit Great Harwood. Although still off the main roads it is only a matter of five minutes from the Blackburn East or Accrington junctions of M65 to the centre of Great Harwood.

Gt Harwood's location in Lancashire
Map of Real Lancashire


1 Since this was written the Cricket Club have been Ribblesdale League leaders and 20/20 champions


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