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THE FINAL MAP SHOWS Queen Street in the 1890s. A few years after the map was made changes occurred that wiped away many of the last traces of the early agricultural heritage of the area.

OS map 1890

Ordnance Survey 1890

Elias Berry shop top of Queen St

Cockshott’s Tenement

A building that stood on what is now the Town Gate and which was demolished around. 1900 was very probably part of Cockshott’s Tenement. It was perhaps the largest farm in the entire township and certainly the largest in the Lower Town. The farm buildings covered most of what is now the cobbled area surrounding the Mercer Memorial clock.


‘The doorway without a door (third from left) is probably a passageway and marks the division or boundary between two plots or buildings of different periods. To its left is a pair of symmetrical dwellings or shops possibly eighteenth or nineteenth century. The building to the right of the passage is earlier, it has a different ridge height. The gable and five light horizontal stone mullioned windows are late sixteenth to early seventeenth century. The large ground floor window is a later insertion. The left stack of this building looks like two or more together suggesting that at least one is inserted. Its offset towards the front suggests there was a need for a passage behind. The front stack could be added for a bread oven hence no windows or blocked windows in that part of the windowless wall. It could have been a hall house but then the gable is not correctly positioned. I suggest sixteenth or seventeenth century merchant’s town house. The tapering pavement suggests the end of a market place. The town house then later became a shop hence the large ground floor window.’
Paul Clark – tutor in Vernacular Architecture, Oxford University

View up Queen St 1900s

Queen St 1909

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