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North West Catholic History Society Edited by Norman Gardner 1999

This register was compiled in accordance with the 1660 'Act for the better discovering and repressing of popish recusants'. The churchwardens and constables of towns were required to bring to the Quarter Sessions all the recusants who had not attended a Church of England service for a month. By the time this register was compiled it included non-conformist sects and these accounted for about 1% of the entries, but none are listed for Great Harwood. The original register is kept at the Lancashire Record Office and is in a fragile condition. (Reference QDV/6)

Register of recusants, 1682

Harwood magna

Robtus Quire gent
Johes Cunliffe husb
Isabella ux eius [Cunliffe]  
Willus Mercer husb
Jenetta Mercer Spinster
Edrus Mercer husb
Johes Emott husb
Anna Bolton  
Jenetta Bolton sptr
Willus Bolton shoemaker
Jacobus Lindley clothier
Johes Dewhirst tanner
Willus Lune husb

Reproduced with permission of the County Archivist , Lancashire Record Office and The Catholic Record Society.



Returns of Papists 1767



Ages Resident
Jenet wife of John Smith Senr Spinner of Jarsey 52 20
her children John Smith Junr plodweaver 26 20
Elizabeth Smith spinner of Jarsey 15 15
Mark Noble Plodweaver 20 20
Isabel Noble his wife Spinner of Jarsey 19 19
Thomas Smith Plodweaver 22 20
Jennet Smith his wife Spinner of Cotton 19 19
Mary Smith their child   1 1
Henry Hill Spinner of Jarsey 32 12
Jane Hill his wife Spinner of Jarsey 55 8
William Roscow Plodweaver 36 36
his children Mary Roscow   5 5
Martha Roscow   5 5
Ellen Roscow   3 3
Ann Roscow   1 1
Grace Taylor widow Spinner of Cotton 70 20
John Wilkinson Cloger 36 2
William Hargreves plodweaver 14 14
Papists in that part of the town of Rishton that belongeth to the Chapelry of Harwood
Josuah Duckworth Spinner of jersey 65 2
James Duxbury husbandman 38 38
Mary Duxbury his wife Spinner of jersey 40 40
their children Catharine Duxbury   11 11
Mary Duxbury   9 9
John Duxbury   7 7
Ann Duxbury   5 5
Winefrid Duxbury   1 1
John Hindle plodweaver 86 86
John Duxbury husbandman 19 19
Winefrid Duxbury Spinner of Cotton 19 19
James Spencer Miller 35 7
Mary Spencer his wife Spinner of Jarsey 40 7
their children James Spencer   13 7
John Spencer   10 7
Ann Spencer   7 7
Richard Spencer   4 4
Mary Spencer   1 1
Mary Bolton   89 89
Mary Aspinal   80 80
Ellen wife of William Morris Spinner of Jarsey 55 20
    Total 39

(signed) John Smith Curate of Harwood

Source: Returns of Papists 1767. - [Vol. 1] – Catholic Record Society


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