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Abstracts of Wills




Edward Baron of Lower Town of Great Harwood, Taylier.

Will made 1 February 1665.
To brother Edmund Baron £6 6s 8d
To brother William Baron £6 6s 8d
To sister Elizabeth Baron £6 6s 8d
To sister Alice Mercer, wife of John Mercer 30s
To John Mercer son of sister Alice and John Mercer 15s
To Edmund son of sister Alice and John Mercer 15s
To Elizabeth Mercer daughter of sister Alice and John Mercer 20s
To Elliner Mercer daughter of sister Alice and John Mercer 20s
20 yards of grey kersey at 20 pence a yard to be divided between:
William Seller son
Ellin Baron
Robert Baron son
William Marcer son
John Ryley son
Mathew Briggs daughter
Old Cunliffe wife
Mabel Barker ?
John Wilkinson ? daughter
John Ingham daughter
Christopher Cunliffe son
Ellin Childers grandchild
Executors: John Baron his father, Edward Baron his uncle.
Witness: Robert Fielden

Inventory made 12 February 1665.
A horse, saddle, ‘cloth bagge’, shears, irons and a silver spoon only items mentioned except debts owed to him.
Inventory total: £48 7 pence

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1665/Baron, Edward

8 February 1665 Edward Baron son of John Baron senior of the Lower Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


John Baron of Lower Town, Great Harwood.

Nuncupative will made 7 September 1670.
To Elizabeth Mercer his grandchild 5s
To Ann Hodgson [illegible]
To his daughter Alice Mercer £5 1s 8d
Remainder to his son William Baron
Executor: William Baron his son

Inventory made 17 September 1670.
Livestock, husbandry items, household good, looms and wool mentioned.
Total illegible, but over £38.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1670/Baron, John

15 September 1670 John Baron of Harwood buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


William Bentley of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will made 21 February 1782.
To Anne his wife £5 yearly and bed and other household goods, and the house her sister lived in, and the money John Smalley had, and the rent of new houses.
To Ellen his daughter, wife of Benjamin Haworth the house she lived in and £20 paid after death of her mother.
To Mary his daughter wife of John Frankland the house she lived in.
(Both the above houses subject to terms of lease.)
To Ann his daughter wife of John Standen the house she lived in, but if they be bad neighbours the house to be taken and payments to ‘John Standen wife’.
To John Baron’s children, Alice and Ann Mary and ? and William Bentley son of John Bentley his son £5 each.
To his sons Thomas, William and Nicholas the tenement and everything belonging except the above houses..If they could not agree to share together then to be divided in three.
If son James chanced to come home a property in possession of Widow Booth to be given to him, Billey to have his looms if he did not come home.
Executors: Thomas Mercer of Tan House and Nicholas Bentley his son.
Witnesses: John Calvert, Jonathan Calvert, Thomas Hindle
Effects value over £100 under £300.
Probate granted 19th August 1784

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1784/Bentley, William

9 August 1784 William Bentley of Lower Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


James Birtwistle of Fearley Hey, Great Harwood, Farmer.

Will made 20 January 1867.
Farm to be carried on by wife during her life, after which all goods and chattels sold and the money divided between his children and grandchildren as follows:
Isabella Calvert wife of Daniel Calvert
James Birtwistle
Ann Powell wife of John Powell
Thomas Birtwistle
John Birtwistle
William Birtwistle
Betty Parker wife of William Parker
Mary Ratcliffe wife of John Ratcliffe
Ellen Ward
Robert Birtwistle
Charlotte Parker wife of Henry Parker
Alice Birtwistle
John Birtwistle (nephew at the time living in Accrington)
Executors: sons Thomas and Robert Birtwistle and daughter Alice Birtwistle.
Witnesses: William Taylor, servantman, John Calvert, weaver.
James made his mark.
Proved 26th April 1869


Burial: 9 Oct 1868 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
James Birtwistle - Son of James Birtwistle
    Age: 87 years 11 months
    Abode: Fearley Hey


William Breathwaite of Great Harwood, in the County Palatine of Lancaster, Yeoman.

Will made the 19 July 1823.
Mentions: Son William, daughters Cicely wife of William Walne and Ellen wife of Richard Carter, grandchildren William Breathwaite and Ann, Margaret and Elizabeth Walne.
John Radcliffe mentioned as a tenant.
Executors: Son William Breathwaite, grandson William Breathwaite and James Fielding.
Witnesses: John Cronshaw, John Ratcliffe and William Harrison
William made his mark.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/William Braithwaite 1825

Burial: 28 Dec 1824 St Mary and All Saints, Whalley, Lancashire, England
William Braithwaite -
    Age: 86
    Abode: Great Harwood 

Transcription of Will.


Robert Calvard of Harwood Magna in the County Lancaster clothier.

Will made the 20 June 1718.
To his son Joshua 'my bed as it stands and all my Clothes with the chest that they are in likewise the Cheare that I sit in and the great Bible'.
To daughter Marye 'my Trunk and that which is in it and the Table Cheare'.
To son Robert his desk.
To son John 'one shilling to be paid within six months if he demands itt'.
Then lists children as follows: Danial, Joshua, Obadiah, Jonathan, Samuall, Robert, Mary.
Executors: Daniel and Joshua Calvert his sons.
Witnesses: Alexander Marcer and John Polard
Robert made his mark.
Proved 1st May 1719

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1719/Calvard, Robert

Burial: 20 Aug 1718 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Robert Canfford -
    Abode: Lower towne

Robert was the progenitor of many of the Calvert families of Great Harwood.


Daniel Calvert of Great Harwood, Woollen weaver.

Admon made 6 October 1735.
Jane Calvert, Daniel’s widow, administrator.

Inventory made 28 October 1735
Total only given for each room or building, no items relating to weaving listed. Greatest value goods all relating to agriculture.
Inventory total: £27 17s 9d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Infra/1735/Calvert, Daniel 


John Calvert of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will Made 9 November 1772.
Leaves estate on Harwood Moor (under late Alexander Nowell) in trust to Edward Brewer and William Aspden.
To Ann his sister wife of Richard Chapel of Almondsbury in York 40s yearly out of rents.
To Robert Calvert his brother as above.
To Thomas his brother and Jonathan his nephew (son of his brother Robert) all rents and issues out of the estate equally.
To John, Joshua, Peggy, children of his brother Robert 3 guineas raised from estate.
Four pounds equally to all the nieces and nephews of his late wife (children of Alice, late wife of James Yates of Blackburn, miller to have one share as though their mother was alive.
To Jonathan his nephew a pair of looms, a bedstead, a desk and wearing apparel.
Residue to Thomas his brother and Jonathan his nephew.
Executors: Edward Brewer and William Aspeden
Witnesses: William Bentley, Pierce Wolstenholme, James Wolstenholme
John signed.
Will proved 2nd May 1792

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1792/Calvert, John

Burial: 17 Apr 1792 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
John Calvert -
    Age: 78 years
    Abode: Harwood


Jonathan Calvert of Great Harwood, Innkeeper.

Will made 16 April 1817.
Ann his wife to have interest of money and use of household goods until sons reach age 21; but if she married then money to be in trust for his sons.
William his illegitimate son to have a third share at 21.
Jonathan his son to have a third share at 21.
Remaining third to his wife until death or remarriage then to the sons.
Executors: William Fielding, brother in law and Richard Calvert, brother.
Witnesses: James Fielding, Richard Brown, Leo. Wilkinson
Jonathan signed
Probate issued dated 28th May 1819

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1819/Calvert, Jonathan

Burial: 5 Feb 1819 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jonathan Calvert -
    Age: 36
    Abode: Harwood


Roger Clayton of Lower Town Great Harwood, Weaver.

Will made 31 October 1798.
To Mary his wife profits from the estate.
To Thomas, son of brother John Clayton his cottage in Lower Town.
To Roger Clayton, seventh son of brother John Clayton the cottage if John Clayton dies without issue.
After the death of his wife a Nancy Sharples, ‘now living with me’ was to get two thirds of the estate.
John Ward of Houghton the remaining third, but if he died before Mary his wife the whole to Nancy Sharples.
Mentions his sisters sons:
Thomas Mercer son of Robert
Thomas Mercer son of Richard
Thomas Hindle son of Thomas
Clayton Weanman son of William
To Thomas Clayton his brother and Joseph Clayton his brother equal share of £3 bequeathed to him by his father at the decease of his mother.
Executors: Joseph Clayton and [gap in document]
Witnesses: James Baron, John Mitchell, Betty Bolton
Roger signed.
Proved 31st December 1802

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Infra/1802/Clayton, Roger

Burial: 23 Jul 1802 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Roger Clayton
    Age: 45 yrs.
    Abode: Harwood


Thomas Clayton of Back of Bowley, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will made 3 June 1793.
To wife Ann profits of leasehold estates in Great Harwood.
To son John Clayton: Gileses and Little Cob Carr and Meadow Croft on Giles Lane, Back of Bowley, held by lease of Hesketh.
To Roger Clayton his son £3 yearly.
Also mentions sons Joseph and Thomas – to whom he leaves Jacks tenement.
Names six daughters, Mary, Betty, Susannah, Ann, Peggy and Ellen.
Executors: Roger and Joseph Clayton
Witnesses: James Baron, Nathaniel Haydock, Matthias Aspden
Thomas made his mark.
Proved 28th July 1802

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Infra/1802/Clayton, Thomas

The gap between the death of Thomas and proving of the will possibly accounted for by the death of Roger his son in July 1802.

Burial: 21 Nov 1793 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thomas Clayton -
    Age: 72 years
    Abode: Harwood

Two of the daughters, Ann and Betty, married Mercer brothers. Betty married Robert Mercer and they are the parents of John Mercer the chemist.


Jeffery Cockshudd of Great Harwood, Mariner.

Will made 15th April 1691.
To brother Edmund Cockshudd £10
To brother Thomas Cockshudd £20
To brother John Cockshudd £30
If Edmund died before he returned for the voyage at sea then the £10 to brother Thomas.
Executors: Thomas and John Cockshudd.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Shaw, Thomas Webb.
Proved 1710


From Ancestry, American Wills and Administrations: Cockshutt, Geoffrey, of Virginia, bachelor; Probate to the brother, Thomas Cockshutt. (Jan. 1710)


Ann Cockshutt of Great Harwood, Widow.

Admon 21 June 1705.
Widow of George Cockshutt.
George Rishton of Accrington the administrator in trust for Ann’s children Thomas, Josias, Edmund and George Cockshutt.

Inventory made 22 May 1705.
Inventory total: £127 12s 10d
Areas of tenement mentioned in the inventory:
Buttery chamber
Hall chamber
Store chamber
Old passage chamber
Milk house
Back kitchen chamber
Back kitchen
Lieutenant’s chamber
Kitchen chamber
Mr Listers chamber
‘At Eddy Holes’

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1705/Cockshutt, Ann)

6 April 1705 Mrs. Anne Cockshut, widow, gentlewoman, buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Edmund Cockshutt of Great Harwood, Gentleman.

Will made 15th January 1684.
To his brother John Cockshutte of Preston £10.
To William Oldham of Oswaldtwistle leather suit and plate buttons and sword belt.
To Christopher Pollard of Harwood, formerly servant 2s.
To William Duckworth, servant of brother Thomas, attending him in his sickness, 10s.
Residue to Thomas Cockshutt of Harwood and to Joshua Nuttall of Newhallhey, brother in law, equally.
Executors: Thomas Cockshutte and Joshua Nuttall.
Witnesses: Wm. Colton, William Duckworth
Edmund signed.

Inventory made 9th February 1683/4
Inventory total: £181 10s 6d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1684//Cockshutt, Edmund

Edmund Cockshutt, Leiuet.t, buried 29 January 1684 at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


John Cockshutt of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will made 25th May 1640.
To Mr. William Christian, his brother in law, £13 5s 8d.
To Mr John Clayton, his brother in law £13 5s 8d.
To sister Alice wife of John Clayton £5 13s 4d.
To sister Elizabeth, wife of William Christian £5 14s 4d
To Margaret Clayton, daughter of John Clayton £10
To Thomas Clayton, John Clayton, William Clayton, Bridget Clayton, Alice Clayton sons and daughter of John Clayton £5 13s 4d.
To George Christian eldest son of William Christian £10.
To James Christian and John Christian, younger sons of William Christian £6 14s 4d.
To Richard Fielden of Harwood 2 shillings and 6 pence and an old brown suit.
Executor: Edmund Cockshutt his brother.
Witnesses: Thomas Hindle, Richard Marcer, Henry [illegible].

Inventory 17 June 1640
Mostly illegible but over £150.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1640/Cockshutt, John

30 June 1640 Johannes Cockshutt was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

William Christian was Receiver-General of the Isle of Man, but held land at Sparth in Clayton le Moors for a time.


Thomas, Josias, Edmund and George Cockshutt of Great Harwood.

Tuition made 21 June 1705.
George Rishton of Accrington to educate the children of Anne Cockshutt (George crossed through) of Great Harwood - Thomas, Josias, Edmund and George.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1705/Thomas, Josias, Edmund, George.


Thomas Cockshutt of Great Harwood, Gentleman.

Will made 11 November 1737.
To brother Josias Cockshutt all tenements etc. in Counties of York and Lancaster, and after to John Cockshutt son of Josias.
To his brother George Cockshutt a yearly sum of £40 to be paid by Josias.
To the Chapel of Great Harwood £50 to be put out to interest.
Residue to brother Josias for the use of his younger children.
Trustees: John Twistle of Rawcliffe in York, Thomas Whitaker of Symonstone.
Executor: Josias Cockshutt his brother.
Witnesses: Tho. Whitaker, Robt. Taylor, James Duxbury.
Thomas Signed.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1737/Cockshutt, Thomas

18 November 1737 Mr. Thomas Cockshutt, of Lower Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


John Cunliffe of Harwood Magna in the Countie of Lancaster, Clothier.

Will made 8 September 1679.
Mentions Isabell his wife and sons Richard and Martin.
Executors were Richard and Martin Cunliffe.
Witnesses: Thomas Mercer, John Heaton and Jon ?

Inventory made 2 April 1691
Inventory total £57 5s 3d
Appraisers: Thomas Cottam, Thomas Mercer, Edward Mercer, Jon. Sheperd
Mentioned in the inventory: Elline West, Widdow Rishton, George Heaton, Gabriell Kilshaw, Thomas Wilkington, Roger Ingham, Edward Crampton, Richard Chew, Thomas Brown, Samuell Brooks, Thomas Mercer, Raph Witton.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1679/Cunliffe, John

John Cunliffe of Banks was buried at St. Bartholomews (St Laurences) on 29th March 1691.

Transcription of Will and Inventory.


John Cunliff of Northwood.

Will made 29 March 1760.
Mentions daughter Ann, to whom he leaves Northwood for life, but after to his son
John, to whom he leaves the leasehold in Harwood held of Thomas Hesketh, Esq.
Grandson John Shireburn.
Richard and Margaret Duckworth.
Grandson John Mitchell.
Martha, daughter, wife of John Walmsley and their daughters Margaret, Martha, Hannah and Joyce.
John made his mark.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1763/Cunliff, John


John Cunliffe of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will made 27 September 1767.
Mentions Thomas Cunliffe, son, to whom he leaves copyhold of Northwood in Forest of Pendle and the leasehold of Moor Grounds in Great Harwood and Tompsons in Great Harwood (Lower Dean).
Mentions Anna, daughter, wife of Robert Mercer.
Mary his wife.
Jane, his daughter and wife of James Hoyle of Great Harwood.
Mary Cunliffe daughter of his son Henry.
Grandchildren: John Mercer, Mary Hoyle, Henry Cunliffe.
Thomas, son and Henry Jackson of Tottleworth executors.
John signed

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1768/Cunliffe, John

18 June 1768 John Cunliffe of Deans was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Richard Cunliffe of Great Harwood, Husbandman.

Will made 4 November 1731.
Mentions Mary his wife, Robert his son and ‘daughters’, but only Elizabeth mentioned by name.
Mentions his lease taken out with Alexander Nowell in the 7th year of the reign of William (1695) for the ‘Cunliffe Tenement’ in Harwood Magna, comprising seven acres or thereabouts.
Richard signed

Inventory total £28 – 09 – 03
Mentions the house, ‘one’ room, parlour, buttery, chamber over buttery and the shop.
All items in the shop for husbandry.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Infra/1732/Cunliffe, Richard


Robert Cunliffe of Banks in Harwood, Woollen weaver.

Will made 11 June 1716.
Mentions wife Margaret.
Children of his brother Richard Cunliffe: Robert, Mary, Isabel, Ann and Elizabeth.
Ellen, daughter of his brother Richard Cunliffe and wife of William Roscow.
Niece Grace Walmsley.
Isabel, Margaret and Mary Brown, daughters of the late James Brown.
Robert signed.

Inventory value £366 – 16 – 00
Purse, apparel and debts £150
Husbandry gear £4
Wool, serges, plains and shalloons £130
Check yerds £14
Tenters and looms £15
House goods £53 – 16 – 00

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1717/Cunliffe, Robert

17 February 1717 Robert Cunliffe of Harwood Banks buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Roger Cunliffe of Blackburn, banker.

Will made 12 August 1822.
Mentions wife Sarah, to whom he leaves property in Paradise and France Street ‘or elsewhere in Blackburn’.
Nephew Roger Cunliffe of London.
Nephew James Cunliffe.
Brother John Cunliffe of Blackburn, merchant.
Sister in law Hannah Ainsley.
Brother Henry Cunliffe and Thomas and John sons of Henry.
Elizabeth, sister, wife of John Hoyle.
Rebecca Smalley, cousin, wife of James Smalley.
Nephew Henry Cunliffe.
“Unto my said nephews Roger and James Cunliffe and their brothers, Thomas and John, Thomas and John Procter, Thomas Hoyle, Thomas Haworth and William Apedale”
“Nieces Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret Cunliffe, Ellen, Mary Alice and Ann, daughters of my sister Mary and James Hindle son of Jane Hindle daughter of my sister Mary and Mary, Jane, Betty and Margaret daughters of my sister Ann.
Mary Whittaker, cousin, mentioned in a codicil to the will.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1822/Cunliffe, Roger


Thomas Cunliffe of Lower Dean or Thompsons, yeoman.

Will made 15 May 1810.
Mentions Henry his son to whom he leaves the annuity from Great Hen Moss.
Roger and John, his sons, both of Blackburn, cotton manufacturers, to whom he leaves two dwelling houses in Duke Street, Blackburn and leasehold of Lower Dean (now in possession of himself and his under tenants).
Grandson John Haworth.
Mary, daughter, late wife of Richard Procter, deceased.
Ann, daughter, late wife of John Moor of Great Harwood, cordwainer.
Betty, daughter, wife of John Hoyle.
Thomas signed.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1815/Cunliffe, Thomas

Burial: 16 Dec 1814 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thomas Cunliffe -
    Age: 83
    Abode: Harwood


Christopher Duckworth of Great Harwood.

Will and inventory 1603.
Occupation may have been carpenter.
Wife could be either Anne or Agnes.
Tenement could be Burton Holme.

The tops of both the will and inventory are damaged, making only a proportion of the words legible. The name Christopher Duckworth can just be made out on the inventory.
Inventory total appears to be over £150.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1603/Duckworth, Christopher

12 May 1603 Christopher Duckworth was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Ellis Duckworth of Great Harwood.

Inventory 26 September 1668.
Inventory total £13 12s 6d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1668/Duckworth, Ellis

24 September 1668 Ellis Duckworth was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


John Edleston of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 29 March 1692.
Mentions possessed of a tenement in Great Harwood leased from Roger Nowell of Read
To his eldest son John Edleston he leaves the above tenement
To Johnathan Edleston his youngest son £5 from tenement
Mentions a further messuage or cottage in Great Harwood
To William Edleston his second son he leaves the above cottage
To Mrs. Ann Braddyll nad Mrs. Alice Braddyll 5s each
To granddaughter Elizabeth Etough 20s
To all other grandchildren, boys and girls, 12d each
To June Hamond 2s
To every other servant 12d
Residue to children John, William, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Isabell, Ann [could also be a Jane]
Executors: John Edleston, son
Witnesses: Jba. Chew, Luke Gregson, Ben. Bul....... ?
John signed

Inventory 25 July1695
Total £321

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1692/Edleston, John

Burial: 19 Jul 1695 St Mary and All Saints, Whalley, Lancashire, England
John Edleston -
    Abode: Harwood Magna


John Edleston of Great Harwood, Joiner.

Will 4 March 1717/18.
To Mary his wife the tenement at Nab Head, known as Crumlan (?) Tenement and all goods during her life.
After his wife’s death to his daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Grace and Sarah £4 each.
To his daughter Ann to ‘come in after for her share if there anything left’.
After the death of his wife to his son John the good will of the tenement at White Carr in Great Harwood under Mr Roger Nowell of Read.
Executors: Richard Rideng of Billing and Mary his wife.
Witnesses: Richard Riding, Nicales Sudell, William Cottam.
John signed
Proved 24th March 1718/18

Inventory 10 March 1717
Inventory total: £17 10s 1d.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1718/Edleston, John

John Edleston -
    Abode: Harwood

Burial: 8 Mar 1717 St Mary and All Saints, Whalley, Lancashire, England


Elizabeth Feilden of Great Harwood, Widow.

Made 4 July 1716
Grace Feilden daughter
James Feilden son
Robert Feilden late husband
Land in the Forest of Bowland
Residue to James, Thomas, Grace, Ann, Lydia, Mary and Ellen her children
Executors: Thomas Duxbury her brother and John Pollard of Harwood.
Elizabeth signed.
Witnesses: Thomas Feilden, Christopher Feilden, Nicholas Grimshaw.
Probate 21 May 1717

Rooms mentioned:
Chamber, Parlour, House, Kitchen, Lower Chamber, Buttery
Inventory total £105 16s 9d

Lancashire Archive

Burial: 27 Apr 1717 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Elisabeth Fielden, Widow
Abode: Harwood yate


Henry Feilden of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 20 April 1683.
To son Randle Feilden the house for remainder of the lease, with the Mill.
To grandsons Daniel Bentley and Henry Feilden £6 each.
To sons Randle and Robert Fielden new shop and chamber over and the new house erected by them.
To Grace Burgess his servant £5
To George Childers his servant his work apparel.
Residue to son Henry, Jennet Haworth and Magdalen Feilden equally.
Executors: Henry Feilden his son and Richard Haworth his son in law, and Thomas Whalley of Sparth.
Witnesses: Robert Walmsley, Thomas Cockshutte, Thos. Whalley.
Henry signed.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1683/Feilden, Henry

Henry was an alehouse keeper. In 1655 he was one of four people with a licence in Great Harwood. He is also mentioned the list of funeral expenses in the will of John Mercer of Cowden in1669.

He was the son of Randolph Fielden, who was also a licence holder in 1635. He appears on the Lay Subsidy list of 1660 in the lower town.
6 September 1683 Henry Feilden of  Lower Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Randle Feilden of Blackburn, Yeoman.

Will 1 October 1722.
To wife Mary £300 and £12 yearly
To son Henry Feilden all land and tenements in Witton and Harrison’s and Cunliffe’s tenements in Great Harwood and the house with fields known as the Old House. Also land in Blackburn and the house in Blackburn. Also lands and tenements in Darwen, and Clayton le Moors.
To son Robert Feilden land etc. in Balderstone and Fatback’s Tenement in Great Harwood and tenements in Blackburn and £1000.
To daughter Catherine 5 pieces of gold.
To sister Magdalene Smalley £5.
Executor: wife Mary
Witnesses: Jn. Holme, Jos. Pickering, Thos. Greenall
Proved April 7th 1722.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1722/Feilden, Randle


Robert Feilden of Great Harwood.

Will 4 January 1670.
Messuages etc. to James, eldest son, Thomas son, Richard youngest son.
Elizabeth daughter £40 5 years after his death.
Robert grandson £20.
Executor: his sister Jenett Harwood of Altham.
Witnesses: Henry Feilden and Thomas Whalley
Robert signed.

Jenett Harwood widow executrix gave up everything to James and Robert 20 Jan 1691

Inventory 8 February 1671
Inventory total £72 4s

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1671/Feilden, Robert

2 January 1671 Robert Feilden of the Lower Town was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Robert Feilden of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 1st November 1710.
In possession in fee simple of tenement in Harrup, Forest of Bowland in Yorkshire in possession of Thomas Brewer.
To his wife Elizabeth he leaves the above tenement.
To his son James Feilden after her death.
To Robert Feilden (relationship unclear) remainder.
To daughter Grace Feilden £4 yearly, or maintenance.
In possession of two tenements in Great Harwood by lease of Thomas Hesketh and Roger Nowell.
The above to Elizabeth his wife.
To son James Feilden the Nowell tenement.
To son Thomas the Hesketh tenement.
To Ann, his daughter and wife of George Fool 10s.
To daughter Lydia Hindle £30.
To daughter Mary Feilden £50.
To daughter Ellen Feilden £50.
To son Thomas Feilden £50.
Residue to wife Elizabeth.
Executors: Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Duxbery of Tottleworth.
Witnesses: Tho. Cockshutt, Nemiah Hindle, Edmund Cockshutt
Proved 20 June 1712

Inventory total £79 4s 10p

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1712/Feilden, Robert

4 June 1711 Robert Feildening of Great Harwood was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Roger Feilden of Banks, Great Harwood, Husbandman.

Will 1 November 1672.
Lease under Thomas Hesketh of a tenement in Great Harwood.
To brother John Feilden the above tenement except a cottage.
If his brother John fails to pay sums of money to other benefactors then the uncle of Roger Feilden, John Feilden, to have the tenement (presumably in trust).
To his brothers and sisters, Robert, Thomas, Alice, ?, Jenet, Marie, Ann residue.
To sister Alice £2 10s.
To sister ? £2 10s.
To Robert, Thomas, Jenet and Marie £5 each.
To sister Ann £7.
To brother Thomas £12.
Executors: Peter Aspinal and John Feilden of Tottleworth.
Roger signed.

Inventory 1 December 1672
Inventory total: £87 19s

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1672/Feilden, Roger

8 December 1672 Roger Feilden was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Thomas Feilden of Great Harwood.

Will 1 Feb 1679.
Jane Feilden 'now wife' a tenement in Great Harwood leased from Thomas Hesketh of Rufford.
Henerie and William his sons.
Thomas Fielden the eldest son of my his Henerie.
Witnesses Isabell Ryley Christopher Wiggin John Feilden

Inventory 19 May 1680.
Inventory total £64 4s 2d
Appraisers Ralph Hindle sen. John Hindle John Feilden Ralph Hindle jun.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1680/Feilden, Thomas

21 February 1680 Thoas Feilden was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.



Alice Grimshaw of Much Harwood.

Will 4 June 1579.
Alice Grimshaw of Much Harwood widow to be buried in the church yeard of Harwood - to Jenet Grimshaw 3 yards of white woollen cloth, Elizabeth Childers 3 yards of woollen cloth Otwell Hindle and [------] Hindle one great chest Alice Cook one coverlet, blanket and one sheet, Ellen Miskin one gray coat, Anne Fielden a bakestone, a neath bodice of a smock and a pail. Jenet Hindle 2 stondes and one sheet, to Grace Hindle a p[---] and a cloak to Ellen Baron a coat. Executor Robert Hindle, witnesses Robert Fielden John Baron Alice wife of Nicholas Grimshaw deceased Robert Hindle John Baron James Hindle.

Inventory 4 June 1580
Apprasiers Robert Hindle John Baron Edward Baron James Hindle.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1579/Grimshaw, Alice


John Harwood of Great Harwood, Clothier.

Made 11 March 1622
To be buried in the chapel of Harwood near the font
Good divided into two parts – son James to have one part, the other divided into three parts, one for Ann his wife, one part to James and Alice his children, the third for expenses and debts.
Executors Ann his wife and James his son.

States he is a clothier.
Taken 5 April 1623
Taken by Richard Osbaldeston of Billington husbandman
Robert Duckworth of Great Harwood husbandman
William Wiggan of Great Harwood Clothier
Lawrence Hindle of Great Harwood husbandman
Total £123 13s 5d

Lancashire Archive

Burial not recorded in St. Bartholomew’s parish register, but the famine/disease at this time meant no burials recorded at Great Harwood in 1623.


Thomas Hesketh of Rufford and Martholme, Esquire.

Will 14 April 1735.
To younger son Robert, £3000 at age of 21, and £50 yearly in meantime
To wife Martha annuity of £100 payable by eldest son Thomas, an additional £7000 to be paid to son Robert if such annuity shall be unpaid at any time; manors of, and property in, Great Harwood and Martholme, also personal estate to executors to be mortgaged to pay debts.
Residue to son Thomas.
A suit of mourning and a year's wages to servants
20 guineas each to executors to buy a piece of plate.
Execs. Peter Bold of Bold, esq., Thomas Clayton of Little Harwood and Alexander Radcliffe of Ormskirk, gents., who are also appointed guardians of children.
Witn. B.Hinton of Penwortham; John Walthew and John Walthew (J.W. and J.W. servants to Mr.Hesketh).

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1735/Hesketh, Thomas


John Heyes of Bell-mount in Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster Farmer.

Will 17 February 1798.
Mentions: Joanna Heyes his wife, David Heyes his son, Alice Heyes his daughter, Mary Smith his daughter wife of Alexander Smith,
Ann Taylor his daughter wife of Jeffray Taylor and grandsons John Smith and John Taylor.
Cottages in the old hold of Accrington and at Snig Brook in Blackburn are bequeathed to son David.
Townly Kenyon mentioned as a tenant.
Executors: David Heyes his son, John Rothwell of the old Hold of Accrington and Hugh Lonsdall of Church.
Witnessed by James Baron, William Fielden and Matthias Aspden.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1798/Heyes, John

Burial: 17 May 1798 St James, Altham
John Heays -
    Age: 61
    Abode: Harwood

Cotton manufacturer David Taylor, son of Jeffray Taylor and Ann lived at Bellmount until his death in 1890.

Transcription of Will


Thomas Heys of Great Harwood, Gentleman.

Will 31 March 1814.
To his mother seven copyhold cottages at Lower Fold in Accrington Old Hold.
To his uncle Thomas Hindle, after the death of his mother, leasehold for the term of 1000 years of two cottages and a small garden at Hedge End in Great Harwood occupied by his mother and Lawrence Hindle.
Residue to his mother.
Executors: Mother, Thomas Hinde his uncle and Alexander Mercer.
Witnesses: Thomas Duckworth, Edmund Dugdell, Thomas Kenyon.
Probate granted 26th September 1814.
Named executors Martha Heyes, Thomas Hindle of Clayton le Moors and Alexander Mercer.
Under £200.
Thomas Heys died 1st May 1814.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1814/Heys, Thomas

Burial: 3 May 1814 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Thomas Hayes -
    Age: 22
    Abode: Harwood


Christopher Hindle of Great Harwood, Clothier.

Will 13 December 1639.
To his wife one third.
To his children between them another third.
Out of the remaining third:
4s to Ellin Pollard his servant
Children of Thomas Shepherd and John Baron (God children to Christopher)
Residue to William Hindle his son.
Executor: Jonye Hindle his wife.
Witnesses: Henry Riley, John Nowell, and ?

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1640/Hindle, Christopher

16 March 1640 Christopher Hindle was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Richard Hindle of Higher Cliff, Great Harwood.

Will 6 February 1817.
Trustees: James Tayler, joiner, Joseph Clayton (both of Great Harwood and John Riley, shopkeeper of Penny Street, Blackburn.
For his son Robert Hindle his maintenance until he reaches the age to be apprenticed to a clogger or any other trade. When Robert is 21 the residue.
If Robert dies before 21 the remains of money as follows:
To his mother Jane (at the time of the will the wife of Thomas Smith) £6
To his brother John Hindle the residue.
Executors James Tayler, Joseph Clayton and John Riley.
Witnesses: James Baron, John Mercer, John Hindle.
Richard made his mark.
Probate granted 25th July 1817.
Effects under £100.
Richard Hindle died on 24th February 1817.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1817/Hindle, Richard


Robert Hindle of Great Harwood

Will 11 January 1820
Mentions: children Richard, Robert, Ann, Betty. Children by his first marriage Thomas (deceased), Martha and a daughter of Thomas. He leaves only one shilling to his daughter Martha and the daughter of his son Thomas.
Robert signed.
Witnesses: James Baron and Lawrence Rushton.
Died 6 June 1822.
Probate 2 December 1822.
Value under £600.

Lancashire Archive

Transcribed by A Latham



Thomas Hindle of Hancoats in the Parish of Whalley.

Will 22 September 1813.
Mentions: wife Ellin Hindle, daughter Ann and her sons Thomas Thompson a soldier and William Thompson
Leaves real and leasehold land and premises in Great Harwood to his wife.
Executors: Lawrence Walmsley of Great Harwood and Ellin Hindle his wife.
Proved at Chester by the said Lawrence Walmsley and Ellen Hindle on 17 May 1814, the Testator having died in January preceeding

Lancashire Archive
DDLX 19/425a/4

Burial: 25 Jan 1814 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thomas Hindle -
    Age: 75
    Abode: Huncoate

The freehold premises were the Dog and Otter Inn, leasehold land included Ryley's and Dobson's Tenements.
For Hancoats read Huncoat.


James Hoyle of Great Harwood, yeoman.

Will 28th of May 1767.
Mentions: John Hoyle his son, Rebecca Hoyle his daughter, Mary Houlden wife of Oliver Houlden his daughter,
Jennet Clark widow of Lawrance Clark his daughter, James Hoyle his son.
Leaves Tottleworth Lee to his son John and Cowden to son James.
Executors were John and James Hoyle.
Witnesses: John Dugdale, Thomas Royston and George Fowler

Inventory 5 October 1767
Household and personal goods £14 16s 6d
Bills, bonds and desperate debts £105
Appraisers John Calvert and James Hoyle.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1768/Hoyle James

22 August 1767 James Hoyle of Lower Town, husbandman was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Transcription of Will and Inventory


James Hoyle the Elder of Cowden, Great Harwood, Farmer.

Will 28th February 1818.
James Hoyle the elder, Farmer
To sons Joseph Hoyle and John Hoyle various household goods for the use of Betty, wife of James. Also £300 placed out for interest for the use of Betty.
On the death of Betty the £300 to be recovered and divided between his children: Mary, wife of James Whittaker; Rebecca, wife of James Smalley; John Hoyle; Hannah, wife of John Miller; James Hoyle; Joseph Hoyle; Thomas Hoyle; Elizabeth Hoyle; Nancy, wife of Roger Feilden; George Hoyle; Ellen Hoyle and Jane Hoyle.
Residue among sons and daughters equally.
Executors: Joseph Hoyle and John Hoyle.
Witnesses: Joseph Clayton, John Mercer

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1820/Hoyle, James

Burial: 31 Jan 1820 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
James Hoyle -
    Age: 86
    Abode: Harwood


John Hoyle of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Made 6 July 1803
All estate and effects in trust to:
Son in law Lawrence Rishton of Great Harwood Innkeeper
Nephew John Hoyle of Great Harwood yeoman
Household good to be sold by auction and money arising and rents from the estate called Tottleworth Lee in Rishton and from the messuage and premises in possession of son in law Lawrence Rishton and that in his own possession to pay all debts and expenses to be put out at interest and paid yearly equally shared amongst the children of his daughter Rebecca late wife of Thomas Cross. (Two children, neither named.)
If the above children died then the benefits to the children of his daughter Ellen, wife of Lawrence Rishton.
Executors: Lawrence Rishton and John Hoyle.
John made  his mark
Witnesses: William Wainman, Edmund Dugdale, Thomas Ainsworth.

Proved 26 July 1804

Lancashire Archive

Burial: 19 Jul 1804 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jno. Hoyle
Age: 84 yrs.
Abode: Harwood


Alexander Mercer of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 16 January 1766
To Thomas Mercer, son he left Lighthurst in Oswaldtwistle and Waterside in Bailey.
Catherine, daughter, wife of William Shaw of Accrington, chapman.
Jennet, daughter, wife of Robert Charnely of Blackburn, chapman.
Proved 2nd November, 1767

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1767/Mercer, Alexander

Burial: 5 Oct 1767 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Alexander Mercer -
    Abode: Tanhouse


Alexander Mercer of Tan House, Great Harwood.

Will 20 February 1816

Of ‘Farm’ House Great Harwood.
To Thomas Mercer, brother – leaves lands in Livesey and freehold and leasehold land in Great Harwood.
Emmy Mercer, his wife
Ellen Vickers his sister
Margery, sister wife of Edward Cockshott
Catherine, sister wife of John Holden
Peggy, sister wife of John Whitaker
Nancy, sister
Esther, Nancy and Emmy Oldham daughters of his wife Emmy.
Estate under value of £4000.
Proved 26 September 1817

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1817/Mercer, Alexander

Burial: 20 Apr 1817 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Alexander Mercer -
    Age: 58
    Abode: Tanhouse


Ann Mercer of Great Harwood.

Will 27 August 1751
To Elin Mercer her granddaughter £5 and oak box, a ‘firr’ box, and apparel and a chest.
To John Mercer her grandson, son of her son Edward Mercer, a pair of bedstocks at ‘Park’.
To her grandson Edward Mercer a clock.
Residue to Edward Mercer her son.
Executors: Edward Mercer her son, Edward Mercer her brother’s son.
Witnesses: John Mercer, Thomas Mercer
Ann made her mark.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1752/Infra/Mercer, Ann

3 September 1751 Ann Mercer from Hey More buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Christopher Mercer of Great Harwood, Husbandman.

Admon 12 May 1740.
Administration by William Mercer of Downham, Innkeeper, son of the testator and John Dugdale of Great Harwood, husbandman.
Christopher recorded as a husbandman.

Inventory 10 February 1741
Inventory total £29 9s 6d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1741/Infra/Mercer, Christopher


Edward Mercer of Great Harwood, Tanner.

Will 17 January 1714
To Grace his wife the lease of the tenement under Thomas Hesketh.
To his son Alexander 1s.
To his son John 1s.
To Grace Pickells, his daughter, 1s.
To Ellin Mercer, his daughter, residue of the estate.
Executor, Ellin Mercer, his daughter.
Witnesses: John Hartley, Thomas Lund, Alexander Mercer.
Probate granted 27th October 1715.

Inventory 26 October 1715
Inventory total £15 16s 8d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1716/Mercer, Edward

24 October 1715 Edward Mercer of Upper Fold was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Edward Mercer of Squires, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 16 April 1726.
Lease of Squires Tenement
To trustees Thomas Whitaker and James Nowell the entire estate to distribute as follows:
To Anne Marcer widow and John, James and Edward her sons equally £20.
To John Guest his servant 40s.
To John Marcer, brother of William Marcer of Colden residue and tenement.
To Katherine Townely and Margaret Townley of Simonstone, daughters of Richard Townley of Carrhall, Esquire £5 each.
To Jane Holker, daughter of Christopher Holker of Roden £20.
To James Holker, brother of Christopher Holker £10.
To James his bastard son £10. [Presumably son of James as above.]
To Katherine Holker daughter of John Holker, brother of Christopher Holker £5.
To Christopher Mercer of Banks £5.
To William Mercer and Mary Mercer son and daughter of Christopher Mercer of Banks 50s each.
To Margret wife of Lawrence Tomlinson of Banks £5.
To Mary Procter daughter of Thomas Procter, tailor 20s.
To Thurstan Fielden 20s.
To William Mercer of Cowden £20.
To Alice Mercer daughter of William Mercer of Cowden £20.
To James Nowell £5.
To Jane wife of George Haworth of Cowell 50s.
To Ellen Crooke his servant £7 10s.
£50 to the Church wardens and overseers of Great Harwood – the interest of which was to be used to pay the schoolmaster at the school which had been built by Nowell of Read.
£10 to the poor stock of Great Harwood.
Edward made his mark.
Witnesses: Thomas Lund, James Lund
Probate 24th April 1727.

Inventory 19 September 1726
Inventory total: £210

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1727/Mercer, Edward

16 September 1726 Edward Mercer from Squires, husbandman, was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Edward Mercer of Back of Bowley, Great Harwood, Calico Weaver.

Will 1825
Calico Weaver
To Abraham, son of his brother Thomas Mercer the cottage at Back of Bowley.
All other property to be sold.
To Edward Mercer, son of his brother Thomas Mercer 40s and clothing.
To Mary Mercer, daughter of his brother Thomas Mercer a pair of looms and 20s.
To Roger Mercer son of his brother Thomas Mercer his looms and 20s.
Residue to be divided between seven of his brother Thomas Mercer’s children, Abraham Mercer, Sarah Mercer wife of Thomas Mercer, Thomas Mercer, Joseph Mercer, Ann Mercer, John Mercer, Helen wife of William Chalmer equally.
Executors: James Swain of Great Harwood and Abraham Mercer of Great Harwood.
Witnesses: James Dean, Robert Clayton, George Altham.
Value under £100.
Probate granted 12th May 1825

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1825/Mercer, Edward

Burial: 5 Dec 1824 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Edward Mercer -
    Age: 67
    Abode: Back of Boley


Grace Mercer of Great Harwood, widow.

Will 27 January 1626.
Mentions: Sons Alexander, Edward and John Mercer, daughter Elizabeth Riley wife of Henry Riley, Ellin her daughter in law wife of Alexander, William Mercer of Symonstone, Robert Fletcher of great Harwood, Robert Squire her brother in law, Elizabeth Mercer daughter of her son Alexander, Grace Ryley daughter of Henry Ryley her son in law, the children of Alexander Mercer her son, the children of Henry Ryley her son in law, the children of Robert Squire her brother in law, John Holker of Read her nephew.
Executor: Alexander Mercer her son.

Inventory 22 February 1627
Mentioned in Inventory: Alexander Mercer, Robart Flecher, Robart Squire, Henry Ryley, John Mercer, John Pollard, George Nowell, Uxor Robart Foster, Robart Hindly, Thomas Hesketh, John Feilden, Raffe Whithead, Lawrence Hindley, Thomas Mercer and Edmund Hill

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1627/Mercer, Grace

20 February 1627 Grace Mercer was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Grace was the widow of Thomas Mercer died in 1625.

Transcription Will and Inventory


John Mercer of Conden, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 23 March 1703.
Mentions: Margaret his wife.
Children: William, Ann and John.
Executrix: Margaret his wife.
Witnesses: Alexander Marcer and Richard Grimshaw

Inventory 12 April 1704
Appraisers: Alexander Marcer, Richard Tompson, Edward Marcer
Inventory total: £38 14s 8d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1704/Mercer, John

8 April 1704 John Mercer of Cowden was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Transcription of Will and Inventory


John Mercer of Great Harwood, Yeoman

Will 23 July 1756
To daughter Elizabeth tenement where he lived and all goods and chattels.
To son John 1s, having already had Squires settled on him.
Wife Mary to have access to her goods.
Executor: Elizabeth his daughter.
Witnesses: Ezra Riley, ? Noblet, William Wilkinson
Probate granted 29th December 1757
Effects under £20

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1756/Mercer, John

Elizabeth took the oath of executor under the name Elizabeth Hindle.

Burial: 10 Sep 1756 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
John Mercer -
    Abode: Edge End


Martha Mercer of Lower Fold, Great Harwood.

Will 1809
Leaves all to her nephew Thomas Hindle, son of her sister Sarah and Robert Hindle.
Proved 3 OCT 1809

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1809/Mercer, Martha

Burial: 11 May 1809 St Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Martha Mercer -
    Age: 71
    Abode: Harwood


Richard Mercer of Upper Town, Great Harwood.

Will c.8 December 1660.
To his brother Thomas all his goods.
Witnesses: Dorothy Riley, Elizabeth Rothwell

Inventory total: £9 9s

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1660/Mercer, Richard

Richard Mercer of Upper Town, Great Harwood was buried at St. Bartholomew’s on 14th December, 1660.


Robert Mercer of Great Harwood, Clothier.

Will 7 December 1668.
To granddaughters Jane Ratliffe and Jane Taylor £5 each.
To Richard Ratliffe, son in law, 2s.
To Robert Mercer, godson, 4s.
Residue to Jane his wife and Grace Taylor, widow, his daughter equally.
Executors: Thomas Cockeshutt, Grace Taylor
Witnesses: Lawrence Robertshaw and John Feilden
Robert made his mark.

Inventory total: £36 0s 8d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1669/Mercer, Robert

Robert Mercer of Lower Town was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood on 20th March 1669.
Jane his wife was buried on 30th April 1669.


Susanna Mercer of Great Harwood.

Inventory 1 October 1672
Inventory total: £60 0s 2d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1672/Mercer, Susanna

Susan Mercer, widow of William Mercer of Banks was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood on 11th June 1672.


Thomas Mercer of Much Harwood in the County of Lancaster, husbandman.

Will 15 July 1624.
Mentions: his wife Grace Mercer, daughter Elizabeth wife of Henrie Ryley (exempted from a share having had her portion), second son John Mercer (excepted as he had already been assigned a messuage and tenement), Alexander Mercer his son, his grandchildren (sons and daughters of Alexander and Elizabeth), his sister Elizabeth Squires and her children and his youngest son Edward Mercer.
Executor: Grace Mercer his wife.
Witnessed by Edmund Cockshott, Lawrence Hyndle, Thurstan Hyndle and Robert Squire.

Inventory 3 November 1625
Mentioned in the Inventory: Robert Fletcher, John Braddill of Snodworth, William Mercer of Simonstone, Robert Duckworth, John Pollard of Christophers, John Nowell of Clitheerowe, Thomas Hesketh of Martholme, John Feilden of the Bancks, Raphe Whiteheade, Edward Hargreaves of Simonstone, Thomas Mercer of the Parke, Edmund Hill of Wiswall, Widow Pollerd of Fosters and Joan Margerison
Inventory total £192 5s 10d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1625/Mercer, Thomas

1 November 1625 Thomas Mercer of Upper Town was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Thomas Mercer, possibly of Tan House, was the ancestor of the Mercer family of Tan House.
His sister Elizabeth married Robert Squire of Squires Farm Gt Harwood, son of Henry Squire and Dorothy Hesketh and the grandson of Thomas Hesketh (Lord of the Manor) and Alice Holcroft.

The family were engaged in all the processes of woollen cloth production, possibly including fulling..

Transcription of Will and Inventory


Thomas Mercer of Lower Fold, Great Harwood

Will 1675
Thomas Hesketh of Rufford, presumably in connection with the lease of Lower Fold.
Wife Bridget and his father in law Thomas Halsall, the latter to be provided with meat and drink.
Son William 'to have and to hold' - presumably Lower Fold.
Elline Coubourne, daughter £7 10s
Elizabeth Mercer, daughter
Henrie Mercer, son
Grace Mercer, daughter - under 21
Richard Mercer, son - under 21
Mentions his tenement 'Duckworths tenement'
Executor: William his son.
Witnesses Thoms Shey (mark)
John Feilden (signed)
Thomas made his mark

Inventory total £52 14s 6d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1675/Mercer, Thomas

Very fragile and poor condition with much of the preamble and beginning of the document missing, obscured and faint.

22 September 1675 Thomas Mercer of the Upper Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Thomas Mercer of Tan House, Great Harwood, Tanner.

Will 3 August 1791
Mentions Jane his wife.
Alexander his son (leaves lands in Livesey).
Thomas his son.
Tan House held by lease of Thomas Hesketh – leaves to son Alexander
Mentions daughters:
Peggy, wife of John Whitaker
Catherine wife of John Holden
Leaves to son Thomas ‘Newfield’ in possession of James Walmsley the Younger.
Also Duckworth’s in possession of John Calvert, held by lease of Thomas Hesketh.
Proved 6 November 1794

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1794/Mercer, Thomas

26 July 1793 Thomas Mercer of Tan House, aged 76, buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Thomas Mercer of Eggsyke, Great Harwood

Will 25 December 1798
Son John Mercer of Sabden
Son William Mercer of Eggsyke
Wife Mary
Leaves goods to William 'whether in my house or at Eggsyke'
Witnesses: John Calvert, Edward Hodgson, Edward Noble

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1799/Mercer, Thomas

Burial: 3 Jan 1799 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thomas Mercer -
    Age: 83 yrs.
    Abode: Eggsike


Thomas Mercer of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 4 April 1810
To his brother in law Joseph Clayton of Great Harwood all the estate in trust for:
To sell all and pay interest to his wife Betty for the maintenance of their son William until William is twenty one, when the stock of the money should be paid to him.
If William does not reach twenty one then the money to go to Betty.
At her death money to be divided between his brothers and sisters or their children equally.
Joseph Clayton sole executor.
Witnesses: Robert Clayton, Jonathan Clayton, Jonas Boardwell.
Thomas made his mark.
Estate under value of £40.
Thomas Mercer died on 12th April 1810.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1810/Infra/Mercer, Thomas

Burial: 14 Apr 1810 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thos. Mercer -
    Age: 56
    Abode: Harwood


William Mercer of Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster, yeoman.

Will 20 November 1610.
Mentions: His wife Ellen and children Richard, Thomas and Jennett Mercer.
Executors: Ellen, his wife, and Christopher Mercer of Simonstone his uncle.
Witnesses: William Hindle, Thomas Mercer and William Mercer of Cowden.

Inventory 1 February 1611
Inventory "praised by" Thomas Mercer, Oliver Procter, William Hill, and William Mercer
Mentioned in the inventory: Richard Keeles, William Duckesburie, John Brownheade, John Nowell, John Dugdaile, Thomas Dugdaile, Robert Hesketh, John Wade, Richard Wade, Oliver Collinsone daughter of Padihame, George Longworthe, Mr. John Heskethe, Richard Wadsworthe, Thomas Gyles, Edmund Mercer, Robert Jackesonne, Oliver Procter, Christopher Duckesburie, Lawrence Heie, Thomas Parkinsone, John Asmoll, William Gyles, William Wilkinson, Thomas Rysheton, Thomas Grimeshaie, Thomas Brigge, Relict Thome Whyteheade, Richard Tompson and Renholde Waddington
Inventory total: £234

Lancashire Archive
WCW /1611/Mercer, William

30 December 1610 William Mercer was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Transcription of Will and Inventory.


William Mercer of Harwood, yeoman.

Will 29 of September 1613.
Mentions: Elizabeth his wife (deceased) Brother Thomas Mercer, children, John, Thomas Christopher , Edward, Grace and Jenet Mercer. Wife of Roger Feildene. Robert son of Roger Feildene.
Executors: Roger Feildene and Thomas Mercer his son.
Witnesses: Lanslet Maser, William Maser his son.

Inventory 30 October 1613
Appraisers: Richard Mercer, Christopher Mercer and Thomas Mercer
Mentioned in the inventory: John Mercer, Roger Feilden, Robert Fletcher, Lancelott Mercer, William Duckworth, James Browne, Richard Mercer, Thomas Holker, Grace Mercer, Richard Ingham, ux Robert Law, John Dugdall, John Smyth, Christopher Feilden and ux Radi. Guest
Inventory total £256 2s 2d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1613/Mercer, William

William Mercer was buried at Great Harwood on the 10th of October 1613. His wife was buried there on the 29th of September, 1613, which was the day he made his will.
This is the Mercer family of Cowden.

Transcription of Will and Inventory


William Mercer of Great Harwood

Inventory 1641
Inventory total £134 5s 5d.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1641/Mercer, William

No burial recorded for William.
William was engaged in textiles, having looms and wool, flax, yarn and canvas.


William Mercer of Great Harwood

Inventory 6 April 1672
Inventory total: £120 10s 3d
Over half of the total was in bills and bonds.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1672/Mercer, William

William Mercer of Banks, widow Susanna, was buried on 5th April 1672 at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


William Mercer of Tan House, Great Harwood, Husbandman.

Admon 8 December 1687.
Administration granted to Edward Mercer, brother in law, husband of William’s sister Jennet and Thomas Mercer of Manchester on 8th December, 1687.

Inventory 10 September 1687
Inventory total £10 6s
Only lists items of apparel, money and ‘a few old bookse’.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1687/Infra/Mercer, William

William Mercer of Tanhouse was buried on 2nd December 1687.


William Mercer of Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster, yeoman.

Will 7 October 1754.
Mentions: Brothers Richard and Thomas (both deceased). Nephews William Mercer and Thomas Mercer. Nieces Ellen Tattersall wife of James Tattersal and Tamer Mercer.
Also Mary Mercer, Mary Boocock, Elizabeth Wigglesworth and Jennet Tattersall. Mary Hindle and Robert Mercer. Thomas Mercer son of Alexander of Harwood and William Whittaker son of William Whittaker of Rishton.
Executors: William Mercer of South Oram and William Peacop of Great Harwood.
Witnesses: James Wenslay, Rogger Wenslay, and William Aspden

Inventory 12 October 1754
Appraised by Alex. Mercer and Richard Walmsley
Inventory total £36 8s 9d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Infra/1754/Mercer, William

William Mercer of Lower Fold was buried on the 11th of October, 1754.

Transcription of Will and Inventory


William Mercer of Lower Fold, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 20 September 1780
To William Mercer his son leasehold of Lowerfold in Great Harwood and £40.
To Martha Taylor daughter of John Taylor deceased £5
To Peggy Taylor daughter of John Taylor £5
To Rachel Taylor daughter of John Taylor £5
To Jeffery Taylor son of John Taylor £13 and interest from that sum since 20th January 1722 (on the estate that John Taylor of Rishton held by lease)
Residue to daughters Martha Mercer and Leah Mercer and the two children of his daughter Sarah deceased equally
To Leah his daughter the ‘new clock cards and rops’.
Executors: William Mercer his son, James Ellison of Oakenshaw
Witnesses: John Hoyle, Cuthbert Gibson, Henry Gibson

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1781/Mercer, William

Burial: 12 Jan 1781 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Wm. Mercar
    Abode: Lower Fold


William Mercer of Lower Fold, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 26 January 1809
To Martha Mercer his sister all money in hand and out at interest and all goods during her life.
To Thomas Hindle son of Robert Hindle and Sarah his sister to have the residue after the death of Martha.
Executors Thomas Hindle his nephew, of Lower Fold, sister Martha Mercer, Alexander Mercer of Great Harwood tanner.
Witnesses: Edmund Dugdale, Michal Tompson, Pears Wolstanholme.
Goods under the value of £300.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1809/Mercer, William

Burial: 30 Apr 1809 St Bartholemew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Willm. Mercer -
    Age: 59
    Abode: Harwood


William Mercer of Filly Close.

Will 22 May 1812
To Thomas Mercer, son, leaves ‘farm where he now lives’ – rented.
To sons William, James and Robert residue to maintenance while minors
Other children not named.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1813/Mercer, William

Burial: 30 Jul 1812 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Willm. Mercer -
    Age: 52
    Abode: Pendle Forest


William Mercer of Great Harwood, Farmer.

Executors: Edward Mercer of Whalley, tollkeeper and James Mercer of Edenfield Innkeeper, sons.
Effects under £200.
Died 27th February 1863

GRO index entry

Burial: 4 Mar 1863 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
William Mercer - Son of William Mercer
    Age: 88 years
    Abode: Whalley Banks, Gt Harwood


Margaret Moorhouse of Otter House, Whalley.

Will 5 January 1905.
All real and personal property to be converted to money.
Residue after costs and debts to her three daughters Adeline Rawcliffe, Emma Cummings and Bertha Moorhouse of Glebe Street, Great Harwood, spinster.
Executors: James Maudsley Rawcliffe of Otter House, Whalley, schoolmaster and Robert Cummings of Glebe Street, Great Harwood, Medical Practitioner – her sons in law.
Witnesses: Alfred Riley, solicitor and Arthur Woffatt, Clerk.

P. McIntyre [Private collection.]


James Nowell of Roger Hey, Great Harwood.

Will 3 May 1737
£5 to nephew John Smalley son of sister Elizabeth.
Residue to Elizabeth now wife of Thomas Whitaker of Simonstone

Lancashire Archive
DDWh 3/54

Burial: 28 Nov 1742 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
James Nowell -
    Abode: Roger Hey


Thomas Nowell of Roger Hey, Great Harwood, Husbandman.

Inventory made 12th September 1670
Total £153 5s 9d

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1670/Nowell, Thomas

3 September 1670 Thomas Nowell was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

A debt owed to Thomas is for wood, and there are other items on the inventory that suggest some kind of timber based industry at Roger Hey.


Thomas Peacop of Dean, Great Harwood, Farmer

Will 4 May 1814
Leaves property ‘whether in Great Harwood or any part of England’ in trust to executors to be made into money.
To Jenny Peacop his wife all yearly interest arising from the money.
After the death of his wife Jenny £40 to Ellin Peacop his daughter.
Residue to Hannah Peacop and Ellen Peacop equally divided.
Executors: Joseph Clayton of Back of Bowley and Ellin Peacop his daughter.
Witnesses: John Hole, John Peacop.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1818/Peacop, Thomas

Burial: 23 Jul 1817 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Thomas Peacopp -
    Age: 75
    Abode: Harwood


John Pollard of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 18 March 1732/3
To nephew John Law £3
To nephew Hugh Law 10s
To nephew Ralph Law 10s
To Elizabeth Hall £3To Margt. Whitker £3
To Ellin Law £3
To Grace, daughter of his sister Grace, £3
To nephew John Law son of sister Mary (?) house, barn and backside where John Pollard lived for the remainder of the lease.
To Catherine Hindley daughter of Henry Hindle of Great Harwood, blacksmith £1
To William Bridge of Great Harwood, butcher 5s
To every poor person that attends his funeral 1p
Residue to nephew Robert Law.
Executor Robert Law, nephew
Witnesses: Henry Smalley, Nathanial Aspden, Roger Houghton
Probate granted 28th September 1733

Inventory 10 April 1733
Inventory total £49 9s

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1733/Pollard, John

8 April 1733 John Pollard of Lower Town, Husbandman was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.


Richard Proctor of Great Harwood, Yeoman

States that for some time since he had settled and given part of his effects, but the residue to Ann his wife, these mostly being goods held in the houses of his sons James Proctor and Richard Proctor.

Richard signed
Witnesses: John Battersby and James Noblet

Probate granted 26 February 1754

Ann Proctor widow
James Proctor of Billington, husbandman
James Barlow of Blackburn, Innkeeper

Ann and James Proctor made their marks.

Lancashire Archive

Burial: 15 Feb 1754 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Richard Proctor -
Abode: Whalley Banks
 Occupation: Tanner


John Shaw of Bellmount, Great Harwood, Farmer.

Will March 1820
To Joseph Clayton of Great Harwood, yeoman and John Dugdale of Great Harwood, yeoman all goods and freehold and leasehold lands and tenements in trust for:
His wife to use during her life, and to carry on the farm if she wished.
Residue of goods to be divided equally between sons and daughter Joseph, Richard, Mary.
Cottage occupied by John Mercer at Whalley Banks in Great Harwood to the use of Joseph Shaw, his son.
A house adjoining occupied by Richard Shaw to the use of Richard Shaw his son.
Remainder of houses freehold and leasehold between sons Joseph and Richard.
To daughter Mary £100.
Executors: Joseph Clayton and John Dugdale.
Witnesses: John Cronshaw, John Bradshaw, James Woolstanholme.
John made his mark.
Probate 27th July 1820
Under the value of £100.
Testator died 4th March 1820

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1820/Shaw, John

Burial: 8 Mar 1820 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
John Shaw -
    Age: 49
    Abode: Harwood


John Slaytor of Lower Town, Great Harwood, Shoemaker

Made 13 March 1810
Hannah Slaytor his wife
Six children:
John Slaytor
James Slaytor
Thomas Slaytor
Bettey wife of Richard Carter
Alice wife of John Catterall
Dolly wife of Richard Mercer
George Slaytor son of his daughter Alice
Alice Slaytor, daughter of his daughter Alice

Executors: Lawrence Walmsley and James Baron of Harwood

John made his mark
Witnesses: Thomas Dugdale and John Dugdale

Proved 10 Aug 1812

Burial: 20 Jun 1810 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jno. Slater
Age: 74
Abode: Harwood


Henry Smalley of Great Harwood, Cooper.

Will 5 December 1771
Possessed of two messuages in Great Harwood under Hesketh.
Leaves all in trust to his nephew John Smalley of Smalley Thorn, cooper and Robert Cross of Great Harwood, yeoman.
Tenements to be let yearly profits to be paid equally to:
Thomas Smalley his son
Ann, his daughter wife of Pearse Woolstanholme of Great Harwood
If Thomas contests then to be paid only 1s, and if he attempts to sell or assign any of the premises then profits to go to maintenance of his wife, child or children.
Executors: John Smalley and Robert Cross
Witnesses: James Hoyle, William Turner, Wm. Aspden.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1772/Smalley, Henry

Burial: 24 Dec 1771 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Henry Smalley -
    Abode: Cote


John Smalley of Great Harwood, yeoman.

Admon 20 February 1752.
Mentions: Mary Smalley widow granted admon.
Six sons and two daughters.
Wife Nancy and her two sons – Richard and Ainsworth Aldred - to these all benefits until youngest son 21.
Trustees: Thomas Mercer, Great Harwood, tanner, and Thomas Leeming, Forest of Bowland.
Only property mentioned is in Penny Street Blackburn (cottages and dwelling houses)

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1752/Smalley, John

Burial: 6 Feb 1752 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
John Smalley -
    Abode: Fierley hey
    Occupation: husbandman


John Smalley the Elder of Smalley Thorn, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 30 September 1793.
To Betty his wife annuity yearly of six pounds
To his son John Smalley the tenement of Newthorn, held under lease from Hesketh.
To Ellen his daughter wife of Nathaniel Dugdale £120 and two messuages in Dutton called Eyes Cross.
To his son James Smalley freehold tenement purchased from Alexander Nowell and closes purchased from John Livesey, the side field, the long field, the Blackfield and the Brow now in the occupation of James Hindle.
To daughter Ann wife of Henry Cunliffe £120 and the messuage of Cowhey in Great Harwood, with the East Garden. But if she sells then the purchaser to be her brother James.
Residue to son John Smalley.
Executors: John and James his sons and Nathaniel Dugdale his son in law.
Witnesses: [illegible] and Tho. Carr.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1795/Smalley, John

Burial: 30 Nov 1793 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
John Smalley -
    Age: 58 years
    Abode: Smalley Thorn in Harwood


Mary Smalley of Great Harwood, Widow.

Admon 24 December 1787
Elizabeth Hindle of Great Harwood, granddaughter
Christopher Hindle of Great Harwood tanner
Thos. Ogden of Blackburn bread baker
Christopher Hindle Senr. of Blackburn.
Granted 24 Dec 1787.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1787/Infra/Smalley, Mary


Thomas Smalley, Fearley Hey.

Will 21 August 1714
Mentions: Ann, wife (Leaves to her tenement in Billington and cottage at Snodworth)
John Smalley, son (Leaves to him Fearley Hey) William Smalley, second son. Henry Smalley, son
Thomas Smalley, grandson - son of John. Thomas Smalley, grandson - son of William

Inventory 27 January 1715
Total of Inventory £30 06 00

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1715/Smalley, Thomas

Burial: 25 Jan 1714/5 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Thomas Smalley -
    Abode: Fierlehey
    Occupation: Cowper


William Smalley of Great Harwood, Cooper.

Will 16 April 1726

Mentions: Smalley Thorn, tenement by lease from Thomas Hesketh
Catherine, wife. Leaves lease of Smalley Thorn to her and after her decease to John Smalley, nephew
Henry Smalley, nephew – to whom he leaves Duckworths, adjoining Smalley Thorn, also held by lease from Thomas Hesketh
also his brother's and sister's children, excepting those already mentioned
Says that John and Henry admitted as lives to above tenements

Inventory 9 August 1726
Total of Inventory £77 00 10

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1726/Smalley, William

Burial: 1 Aug 1726 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Wm. Smalley -
    Abode: Smalley Thorn
    Occupation: Couper


John Smith of Great Harwood, Yeoman

Made 9 June 1800
To John Smith his son leasehold tenement in Great Harwood, in tenure of John Smith his son, Mr Taylor Calico printing master and other tenants in the cottages held by the said lease – Edmund Dugdall, Thomas Consiglio, John Duxbury, John Youlds, Thomas Bertwistle, Mary Bentley, and the cottage house that he (John Smith senior) lived in.
Also to his son John Smith £18 per year raised from tenement situate in Clayton le Moors called Ringstonehalgh.
Also to his son John Smith two cottages in Cross Gate in Great Harwood in tenure or occupation of James Mercer and Robert Cunliff.
To Thomas Smith his son leasehold tenement and cottage house in Clayton le Moors named Ringstonehalgh in occupation of Mr Taylor, James Holding, Thomas Hilton, Mr Coulthurst, James Walmsley, Alice Duckworth, Thomas Webster, James Pickup as tenants.
Also to Thomas Smith his son two cottages, one in Cross Gate in tenure of William Cunliffe the other at Checkers in Clayton le Moors and known by the name of the passage house in the tenure of John Broadley as tenant.
To John Noble £5
To James Noble son of his daughter Isabel £5
To William and Isabel Procter children of grand daughter Mary Noble deceased £5
Residue of estate to sons John and Thomas Smith
Executors: John Smith his son, Lawrence Walmsley farmer of Great Harwood.
John made his mark
Witnesses: James Baron, Lawrence Rushton Jun., Thomas Hindle

Proved 31 May 1803
Value above one and under three hundred pounds

Lancashire Archive

Burial: 23 May 1803 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jno. Smith -
Age: 88 yrs.
Abode: Harwood


Robert Swain of Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster, yeoman.

Will 9 August 1798.

Mentions: Margaret (nee Hindle) his wife. Children Robert, Alice, Mary wife of William Mercer, Margaret wife of John Ainsworth.
Executors: Robert and Alice Swain his children.
Witnesses: James Baron, John Smalley and James Smalley.
Probate 24th April 1798.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1798/Infra/Robert Swain

Burial: 14 Oct 1797 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
Robert Swaine -
    Age: 77 yrs.
    Abode: Harwood

Robert Swain's estate was both leasehold and freehold some of the latter tenanted at the time by Jonathon Dugdale.

Transcription of the Will


Jeffray Taylor of Rishton, Yeoman.

Will 29 March 1765
To son John Taylor tenement in Rishton
To Son Thomas 1 shilling
To son Richard Taylor 6s 8d a year
To daughter Elizabeth wife of William Shuttleworth 6s 8d a year
To daughter Grace wife of William Roscow 6s 8d
To Grace his wife 32 a year
Residue to Grace his wife
Executor: Grace, his wife.
Witnesses: Thomas Baron, William Jackson, John Duckworth
Jeffray made his mark

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1766/Taylor, Jeffray

Burial: 2 Apr 1765 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jefferey Taylor -
    Abode: Rishton

The grandson of Jeffray, Jeffery son of John Taylor, lived most of his life in Great Harwood and was the ancestor of many Great Harwood Taylors.


John Taylor of Great Harwood

Inventory 23 July 1674
Appraised by William Baron, William Boulton, Robert Baron and Robert Calvart.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Taylor, John 1674

13 June 1674 John Taylor was buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

No will but the "goodes chattels" of a probable alehouse proprietor.

Transcription of Inventory.


William Turner of Martholme, Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 8 June 1772
Leaves all to executors – brothers John, Thomas and Robert Turner and William Aspden.
Mentions land in the manor of Ightenhill at Habergham Eaves and Martholme and the corn tithe – the proceeds to go to the maintenance of his children:
Thomas, William, James, John, Robert, Edward and Robinson his sons
Mary, Jennet and Jane his daughters.
Witnesses: Thomas Turner, John Walmsley, Thomas Calvert
Probate granted 25 July 1782.
Effects under £300.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1782/Turner, William

Burial: 1 Jun 1782 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
William Turner -
    Abode: Martholme


William Turner of Martholme, Great Harwood, Woollen Manufacturer.

Will 10 October 1795.
In business partnership with his brothers James, Edward and Robinson Turner and Uncle Robert Turner, and cousins Thomas and Alexander Turner. [The partnership between the brothers and uncle and cousins dissolved.]
Mill at Helmshore valued at £3697.
William’s share in the mill apportioned out in favour of Robinson to increase his share.
To brother John Turner of Rochdale, surgeon, £100.
To brother James lease of Martholme and all the stock and effects belonging.
To sister Jane Turner £500.
To sister Jennet wife of James Clegg interest on £500 investment.
To the children of his deceased sister Mary, late wife of Peter Sefton the younger of Clayton le Moors, interest on £500 investment.
To his mother all profits of property in Habergham Eaves.
Executors: brothers James, Edward and Robinson.
Witnesses: James Fielding, Ellis Nutter, Thos. Carr.
William signed.
Probate granted 6th April 1796.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1796/Turner, William

Burial: 17 Feb 1796 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
William Turner -
    Age: 38 years
    Abode: Martholme


Richard Walmesley of Great Harwood, Yeoman.

Will 30 September 1756
To Thomas Taylor his nephew the remainder of his lease in Great Harwood.
To his sister Grace Taylor, wife of Jeffray Taylor £4 yearly
To his sister Alice Cottam, wife of Thomas Cottam, £4 yearly
To nephew John Fletcher £2 yearly
To the poor of Great Harwood £10 to be put out at interest
Residue to John Taylor, Richard Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Taylor, James Taylor, Richard Fletcher, John Fletcher, Mary Fletcher, Ann Cottam, Alice Cottam, James Cottam and Henry Cottam.
Executors: Thomas Taylor and Thomas Mercer
Witnesses: Jane Marcer, Richard Marcer and William Aspden
Richard made his mark.

Probate granted 15 May 1759

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1759/Walmesley, Richard

Burial: 11 Mar 1759 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Richard Walmsley -
    Abode: Tanhouse


Lawrence Walmisley of Great Harwood, Innkeeper

Made 4 January 1703
To Joyce Walmsley his daughter, if she does not marry, a room over the celler commonly called the higher celler during the continuanace of the lease made to him by Thomas Hesketh late of Rufforth (amongst other premises) bearing date 28 September 1687
Lawrence Walmsley his son and Joyce his daughter by an obligacion dated 13 July 1702 stand jointly bound with me to Randal Feilden of Blackburn Chapman for sum of £68 – that the debt should be paid out of the goods and chattels and personal estate
Remainder to Lawrence, Joyce, Alice wife of Thomas ?,of Manchester, and Elizabeth his daughter equally.
Executors: Lawrence his son and Joyce his daughter.
Lawrence made his mark
Witnesses: Thomas Grimshaw, Nicholas Grimshaw.
Inventory taken 14 February 1705/06
Total £44 3s od

Proved 23 April 1706

Burial: 9 Feb 1705/6 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Lawrence Walmesley -
Abode: Cock in Harwood


Hannah Walmsley of Great Harwood, Spinster

Made 29 October 1806
To Margaret Fielden daughter of James Fielden of Great Harwood farmer all her real and personal estate and effects.
In case of the death of Margaret Fielden then all to James Fielden father of Margaret.
Executor: James Fielden
Hannah made her mark
Witnesses: Henry Margerison, Henry Walmsley, Thomas Ainsowrth.

Testator died on 31 March 1812

Proved 15 April 1812

Burial: 2 Apr 1812 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Hannah Walmsley -
Age: 71
Abode: Harwood


John Walmsley of Great Harwood
Administration granted to Betty widow of John Walmsley.
William Fielden of Great Harwood weaver and James Fielden of Great Harwood schoolmaster.
Admon issued 7 May 1803

Burial: 4 May 1803 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Jno. Walmsley -
Age: 56 yrs.
Abode: Harwood


Lawrence Walmsley of Great Harwood in the County of Lancaster, yeoman.

Will 18 November 1765.
Mentions: Sarah his wife, sons Robert, Laurence and James, daughters Margaret wife of Thomas Hindle of Rishton, Ellen wife of Thomas Hindle of Lower Fold, Ann and Mary.
Also Ezra Riley
Executors: Laurence Walmsley his son and William Aspden of Great Harwood.
Witnesses: John Calvert, Laurence Walmsley, John Duckworth and Cuthbert Gibson.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/Walmsley, Lawrence 1765

Burial: 4 Dec 1765 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Laurence Walmsley -
    Abode: Lower towne


Ann West of Great Harwood, Widow

Administration granted to William West of Clayton le Moors Cotton Manufacturer, William Hindle of Burnley Attorney at law and William Peacop of Great Harwood farmer.
William West the son of Ann West.
Effects above £40 under £100.

Probate 24 September 1801

Burial: 10 May 1801 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
Ann West - widow of James West
Age: 66 yrs.
Abode: Henburn Bridge


James Whittaker of Great Harwood, yeoman.

Will 20 March 1766.
To James Critchley of Rishton and John Smalley the younger of Smalleythorn in Great Harwood a messuage in Great Harwood under Sir Thomas Hesketh of Rufford to let as trustees until John Whitaker son of my son James attain 21. Pay Alice my wife £8 per year to be divided into four payments. £70 (if Alice is dead) among other grandchildren when 21, John excepted. If John die to the next child.
John Livesey, Stephen Banister, William Ashden.
Probate 11th June 1766.

Lancashire Archive
WCW/1766/Whittaker, James

Burial: 20 Apr 1766 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood
James Whitaker -
    Abode: Dean head


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