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Town Centre

Great Harwood may not be able to boast the magnificent Victorian edifices of some of the large cotton towns of Lancashire but, for its size, the town does have some impressive buildings. John Champness says the bank building, Town Hall and clock tower form "the best ensemble of small-scale Edwardian design in the County".1

Towngate, Great Harwood

Photo Frank Cottier





The Town Hall, to the right of the clock tower, was completed in 1900 built on the site of a row of ancient cottages and the Mercer Memorial Clock was unveiled in 1903. The stalls of the weekly Friday market are still erected around the clock tower and the triangular area is clearly visible in the centre of the aerial photograph in the history and home pages.

Post Office, Great Harwood



Behind the Town Hall, on Glebe Street, is the Post Office building erected in the 1880s.



Central Cooperative Society Building, Great Harwood






Also on Glebe Street, across from the Post Office, the Co-operative Society built this imposing building opened in 1909 on the site of the old Vicarage in a similar style to the Town Hall. Originally housing offices and separate shops the ground floor was later made into a supermarket whilst above furniture and other household goods were sold. A purpose built supermarket was erected across the street which has itself been superceded. The old building did continue as a retail outlet but it is now Soprano's, a cafe/bar thing.

Looking down Church Street to the Mercer Memorial Clock Tower.
Bank Mill occupied the site to the right now landscaped and housing a community centre.
Lower Church Street, Great Harwood


Map of public buildings


Places > Buildings > Town Centre



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