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PUBLIC HOUSES 1860 to 1870


Walmesley Arms, Great Harwood

Walmesley Arms

On the corner of Queen Street and Barnmeadow Lane this had been a farmhouse occupied at some time by Robert Smith builder of Wellington Mill. One of its buildings is dated 1788 but with mills strung along the streams in the centre of town it was adapted to another, perhaps more profitable, use. Above the door is the coat of arms of the Walmesleys of Dunkenhalgh.

Here with the Mathew Brown sign it is now another Scottish and Newcastle house.

Commercial Hotel, Great Harwood




Commercial Hotel

Built in 1865 The Commercial was the first purpose built pub since the Lomax Arms. Close to Delph Road it meant that the Crab Tree Inn at Butts was deemed no longer necessary and it lost its licence.

With its high ceiling and large windows the Commercial has a different "feel" to the older pubs and has, as yet, retained its games and smoking rooms.


Weavers Arms Great Harwood




Weaver's Arms

Listed in the 1865 Directory as :
Edwin Dugdale, retailer of beer,
Cross Gates.

A small, cozy, pub.

Stop and Rest

Stop and Rest Great Harwood

As the roof line shows these cottages were built at different times mostly during the early nineteenth century. Called Edge End they were on the edge of Harwood Moor and even with recent housing developments they are still set apart from the rest of the town.
In 1864, however, this area was busy with traffic to and from Edge End Quarry which the Local Board had taken over to supply materials for the paving and sewering of the town. Geoffrey Taylor saw the opportunity and applied to the Local Board to alter two houses at the right hand end and erect an additional building. Plans were approved and the Stop and Rest beer-house was opened in 1866 though it and those houses are now long gone.

Edge End Great Harwood


Church Street Tavern, Great Harwood


Church Street Tavern

The 1870 Directory, in addition to the other ale-houses, lists :
Ainsworth Chew, beer retailer, 28 Church Street.


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Places > Buildings > Pubs > 1860 - 1870



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