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Western County Junior School

Open Day. February 12. 2005.

boarded up windows

Newboys' new windows


The buildings on Commercial Road ceased to be used as a school when more spacious facilities became available in the old Secondary Modern School, Rushton Street, which had the added advantage of being next to the Infant School. For years the windows were boarded up but recently the building was bought by a breakaway church and refurbished. An Open Day was held when the following photographs were taken.


open day invitation

Western County hall

The partitions which divided the left hand side of this space, in my day [1955-59], into Miss McVitie's and Mr Ward's classrooms plus Mr Eddy's room have been removed. The resulting space seems surprisingly narrow. Another example of adult disillusionment when considering childhood memories! Anyway it is now a pleasant, airy space.

The stage area, which housed Miss Chester's class, has had very little done to it apart from replacing the windows.

I think I sat somewhere around here!
Miss Chester's classroom

no blackboard
And the blackboard was on this wall.

restricted area







Below the stage was an area I never ventured into, as here were the boys' toilets,








and beyond them the boiler room.

the old boiler!


This original boiler, though obviously having undergone adaptations,
is no longer in use,

is this a boiler?

but can this piece of more up to date technology, on the opposite wall,
REALLY perform the same function?


songs of praise



There was of course only one 'proper' classroom in the building, which was the top class, Mrs. Muttock's room.

On Open Day it was rather crowded with church members singing.







The area that was the girls' cloakroom opposite the 'top class' is now a modern well equipped kitchen.


Outside the playgrounds are, sadly, overgrown.




The small, boys' playground is particularly bad, looking more like a garden gone to seed!

boys' yard

It was interesting to see how smart the interior of the building looks but sad to see the state of deterioration of the outside areas.
Maybe the new owners have plans to do something about this, I hope so.

Written by Ann Quinn (Fairclough)


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