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Sports Field

In 1920 James Boardman, William Pickup and Henry Milton Thompson gave land to the Council for the purpose of laying out a public park some of which became the Memorial Park and Garden of Remembrance the remainder was used for football pitches.

The playing field is roughly triangular bounded by CHURCH LANE, ALLSPRINGS DRIVE and BRANTFELL ROAD. A special feature of the field were the horse chestnut trees along Church Lane and Allsprings Drive loved my many but especially by generations of school boys. However they were attacked by an incurable, airborne disease which meant many had to be felled. Also "improvements" to the playing area resulted in trees, healthy or not, being removed to allow access for earth moving machinery. Replanting with other tree varieties has been undertaken but the "nature" of the area has, for now, been totally destroyed.

Moving your cursor over the photos below will show the same view without as many trees.

Church Lane

The white things are flowers not a symptom of the disease.

South east to the corner of Allsprings Drive and Brantfell Road September 2002 and June 2004.
view south east
As well as losing trees note the ground level in relation to the small window in the house gable left of centre.

East across the field to Allsprings Drive August 2000 and June 2004.
The effects of the disease can be seen in the earlier photo (Brian Sheperd) with trees
already losing their leaves even though the shot was taken in high summer.
view east
In the second photo houses can be seen at the corner of the field which were hidden by trees.
It also shows the "improved", leveled area but it can still be used for dog walking.
I think my horizon is more correct than Brian's.

From the Garden of Remembrance May 2001 and May 2003.
no trees, no grass

August 2000 and June 2004.
slight improvement
A year makes a difference, grass has grown, new trees have been
planted but more have gone making the red brick Northlands visible.

From the junction with Allsprings Drive May 2003 and June 2004.
across the bend
In the first photo the line of trees blocks the view to Church Lane after the bend.
In the second shot the view of the houses is quite good.




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Places > Parks > Sports Field > Church Lane



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